Indian bridal makeup for a reception



Weddings are the best time to dress up and look your best at all the different functions – sangeet, pheras and the reception with beautiful mehndi and even more beautiful Indian hairstyles. This is a step-by-step tutorial on the makeup that can be done for an Indian bridal reception

Step 1: First start with the eyes. Apply an eye shadow base (MAC Let me pop) all over the eyelids for the eye shadow to stick on




Step 2: Next apply a pinkish-gold eye shadow (MAC Expensive Pink)

on the eyelid with a flat eye shadow brush and blend well











Step 3: For the outer corner, choose a color that is a matte texture and much darker than the shade already used. A dark brown, purple, burgundy orblack (MAC Carbon) will work. Apply it with the help of a fluffy blending brush and blend till the crease





Step 4: Use a highlighter (MAC Shroom), with the help of a tapered blending brush (Sigma E45) just on the brow bone to add some shine there.









Step 5: Next up, fill the waterline with a water proof kajal.






Step 6: Since the lip is going to be a bold red, use an eye shadow (MAC Carbon) with an angled brush (Vega) to draw the eyeliner on the upper lash line to keep the focus on the lips.

Indian bridal makeup 29

Step 7: To amp up the look a little bit, add some glitter glue on the eyelid (Kryolan), just on the eye ball and top it up with a colorful glitter (B&D) to add a sparkle.

Indian bridal makeup 30Indian bridal makeup 31

Step 8: The second last step in eye makeup – curling lashes and adding mascara!

Indian bridal makeup 32Indian bridal makeup 33

Step 9: The final step would be to smudge some black eye shadow just below the waterline so that the kajal sticks on to the shadow and becomes totally smudge proof.

Indian bridal makeup 34

Step 10: Moving on to the face, first begin with massaging the face primer (MAC Prep+Prime).

Indian bridal makeup 35

Step 11: After primer comes foundation. Apply the foundation (MAC Studio Tech NC 35) with the help of a brush (in case of a liquid) or a sponge (if it’s cream). Blend evenly. Now would be a good time to have a close look in the mirror to decide on the areas that need to be concealed further. Then if required, apply a translucent powder to set the foundation.

Indian bridal makeup 36

Step 12: To give some shape and structure to the face, contour the cheekbones with a matte powder or liquid foundation or concealer that is 2 shades darker than the original skin tone.

Indian bridal makeup 37

Step 13: Add a peach blush (B&D) or a pink shade with a fluffy brush on the apples of the cheeks.

Indian bridal makeup 38


Step 14: Time to highlight the cheekbones, bridge of the nose, cupids bow and chin.

Indian bridal makeup 39


Step 15: For the final facial feature – the lips. Apply some lip balm before starting with the makeup so that the lips are well hydrated. Take off the balm with a tissue and start applying the lip liner (MAC Brick) from the cupids bow moving side ways.

Indian bridal makeup 40


Step 16: With the help of a lip brush (MAC 316) apply the lipstick (MAC Russian Red) evenly on the lips. Using a lip brush for a bold lip color is highly recommended as the brush gives you utmost precision.

Indian bridal makeup 41


Step 17: To blur out the edges and clean up some harsh lines of the lipstick, run through the edges of the lips with a foundation powder (MAC Studio Fix powder+foundation) or with a concealer.

Indian bridal makeup 42


The finished look!

Indian bridal makeup 43


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