Stunning Bridal Lehengas

Bridal lehengas inspiration for the 2014 Indian bride

Brides these days are clear with what they want. They know their Sabya from theirMalhotra and will not settle for anything other than the best! But when you come to think of it, designer lehengas these days do not come cheap. But with the help of small-time designers and the quick flow of images on the internet, getting the same bridal lehenga made is not at all a nightmare anymore.

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Due to a large number of rituals, the wedding ceremonies are spread across multiple days and have become a very expensive affair. And since it’s a once in a lifetime experience, the bride would like to look different for each and every function. Styles, trends and shades of the bridal lehengas have evolved in the past decade hence giving brides the chance to experiment with new fabrics and colors rather than the same old reds, maroons and golds. Today’s designs combine beautiful Indian detailing with modern cuts, minimalistic and elegant embroidery with mature colors.

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A bridal lehenga must be chosen keeping in mind the following –

  • Understand the body shape - heavy bottom, heavy top, hour glass shape, slim or heavy from all sides shape.
  • Determine the skin tone - very fair, fair, dusky with olive undertones or dark skinned.

These 2 pointers will definitely come to your rescue when deciding the bridal lehengas.The design and cut can be customized to the body shape and skin tone so that you look THE BEST on your special day. The next step would be to fix your budget. If on a tight budget, show up some creativity and dig some designs from magazines and hunt for a skillful tailor and get something similar stitched to perfection. Decide the color you’d like to wear and finally choose the fabric that you feel will look best on your body structure. Brides look gorgeous in georgette, silk, chiffon and brocade.

Hope the below images help you decide the best bridal lehengas for your wedding! Don’t forget to click on the individual images to view them bigger.


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Bridal Lehengas in Mumbai: Real Brides Reveal 

Real brides are our ears and mouth at WMG, so we asked some local Mumbai girls to help us put this list together of the best places in Mumbai to hunt for bridal lehengas. Any other places you guys know of- please comment in the section below and let us know!

High End Designers

Real Bride Shivani’s sangeet outfit was from Anita Dongre. Price: Rs 25000/- approx (STEAL)

Anita Dongre Lehenga worn by Bride Laurie. Price: Rs 2 Lakh approx . Photo by Navdeep Soni


- Anita Dongre: Anita has just one flagship store for bridal wear in the whole of India (which is so unfair) and it is in Phoenix Mills, Mumbai. For girls who love bright pops of color and gota patti, Anita is perfect. Infact, Real bride Laurie wore this on her wedding ! Given that she is one of the top designers of India, her bridal line is actually not exorbitant and some of the lighter outfits are infact super affordable ! See her collection here

Real Bride Ruta’s hot pink lehenga was from Jade. Price: Almost 2 lakh . Photo by Into Candid Photography

- Jade: Jade is another name thats exclusive to Mumbai- their aesthetic is more modern, and edgy. Traditional wear with a more modern twist. Their layered anarkalis and bridal lehengas are super popular. See some of their lighter pieces here


Real bride shereen (coming soon) got her stunningly beautiful pastel lehenga from Anamika Khanna. Photo byPhotosynthesis

Sabysasachi , Manish Malhotra , Anamika Khanna stores  along with Multi Designer Boutiques like Aza, Atosa,  Ensembe ,Samsaara etc 


- SVA by Sonam and Paras Modi: If you are paying the designers a visit, do also check out SVA by Sonam and Paras Modi. They have some very interesting anarkalis and jacketed outfits for your sangeet and some pretty sarees in a range of colors to suit every age and style !  See their collection here


Smaller Boutiques and Designers


Shruti Sheths line includes some gorgeous sorbet colors

-Shruti Sheth: Mix of traditional and modern, with some absolutely yummy colors- Shruti’s store is a definite must visit in Mumbai. Lots of sorbet colors, along with rich raw silks and soft fabrics that look luxurious . You can view her collection here

Real Bride Khushboo’s Coral Lehenga from Chamee & Palak. Price: Approx 55000/-

- Chamee & Palak: One of the more affordable names in Mumbai, and ones that customise to fit your needs and budget. See their contact details and collection here


Saan.she’s bridal line has lighter, vibrant lehengas

- Saan.she: Another more affordable designer with light, bright lehengas that would be perfect for your sangeet/ mehendi cocktail! Pay them a visit if you are in town. Will try and get them on our gallery soon!


Lehenga by Little black bow. Their sarees retail for approx 30k, with lehengas a bit more!

- The Little Black Bow : Little Black bow may not have bridal lehengas per se but for more modern brides who want a lovely saree, or a different lehenga with a more english vintage touch you may want to take a peek. See their collection here


Non Designer Boutiques

Aditi’s reception lehenga from Sushma Sarees. Price: 1.5 approx

- Sushma Sarees: A store that sells a lot of “inspired” pieces , and one that is a local favourite amongst many girls. That is Real bride aditi who bought her reception lehenga from Sushma Sarees. Once we go live for our standalone stores category, we would be adding them there



Outfit from Sagar. Priced at approx 65000/-

- Sagar Couture: Another local store with some nice outfits. Thanks to Nisha for writing in and suggesting this store ! She says – “They are like the ‘Frontier Raas’ of delhi so you will find something there. And though, some of the outfits look like tacky net, if you do a deep dive you will find a gem”


Real Bride Suruchi got her pretty white lehenga with soft bronze detailing from Kalki. Photo by Payal Kumar. kalkis lehengas range anywhere from approx 45000 to 1.5 Lakhs

- Kalki Couture: Another local store with a lot of variety. Sift through the riff raff and be patient to find your gem. They also have an online store which retails the stuff and ships worlwide so you may want to check them out, but our reader Sanya recommends that the stock in store is much better anyway.


- Roop Kala , Marine Lines : Thanks to Ankita for writing in suggesting this. Roopkala in MArine lines is your regular local store with a lot of variety and a must visit for budget brides

- Ritu Shekhsariya: Thanks to Parul for recommending her. She meets by appointment only, but apparently has a nice collection of not just lehengas but also sarees!

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