Dulhan mehndi designs

A beautiful modern dulhan is incomplete without her stunning mehndi designs. Are you looking for the ultimate dulhan mehndi designs in 2014? We have handpicked mehndi designs for a bride-to-be.

Mehndi is one of the dulhan’s best accessories. When worn all the way up to your elbows, with your shaadi ka joda and all your jewellery, it works to enhance your look and lend it a certain grandeur. Don’t shy away from mehndi because you think it’s traditional or boring, there’s nothing like a full hand of mehandi when it comes to making a statement as a dulhan. We have handpicked 25 of the best dulhan mehndi designs for brides out there, so you can pick the one that suits you the best!dulhan mehndi designs 24

You can opt for mismatched designs of mehndi if you are feeling adventurous. The basic outline of your mehndi design remains the same, but the detailing on each hand is different. Although most brides prefer to keep the tips filled, as tradition dictates, you can choose to keep them empty especially if you are going to be flaunting a french manicure. The filled tips clash with french manicures and takes the attention away from your hands. You could also try a cris-cross design along your fingers, which we absolutely adore. Another option you could explore is letting the design naturally progress to your finger tips without breaking it. This will give the illusion of filled tips, without the usual boring blackened ones.

Some brides are leaning towards the trend of mehndi designs which look like mirror images. They look gorgeous with every garment, in case you are wondering. The design motifs are exactly inverse on your hands, making them look unique, yet part of a pair at the same time. For those of us who are inclined towards bling, some of the latest designsare the perfect ones for you. Infused with a little bit of color,some glitzy stones, this makes for the perfect bubbly dulhan. The best part is, you can get the mehndi on your feet to coordinate with your hand’s bling designs.dulhan mehndi designs 02

Lots of brides these days are leaning towards Arabic mehndi designs. It looks totally glam, and gives your hands a lot of space to breathe. It’s a great idea if you are already going bling on your jewellery and make-up. Give this option some consideration, if you have a lot of events planned after the mehndi ceremony. Arabic mehndi designs will work best with all types of garments for all your occasions. Going full and cramped with your mehndi is no longer necessary. With geometric influences, and elements of traditional mehndi, some designs look gorgeous even though they leave some parts of your hands bare. Sometimes, less is more!

Check out our mehandi designs and take a pick!

Simple mehandi designs for hands: The Ultimate Guide

Intense mehandi designs are not for everyone – sometimes we all crave something simpler – this guide contains 74 of the most elegant and simplemehandi designs you might love to try

Simple can be beautiful. Less can be more. It is certainly true in life, and definitely true formehandi/henna designs. There are some truly amazing mehandi artists (and more) out there. While the delicate intricacy of their work is truly awe-inspiring and their designs are stunning, there are times and there are those who are looking for something simple – not mundane, or boring, but just something that is elegant and beautiful. Very recently, Zuri has added some of the most amazing pakistani mehandi designs to its collection – don’t forget to check it out!

simple mehndi designs for hands

Being a bridal makeup artist, I have always been a fan of mehandi designs – they inspire me and in my opinion, complete the look for an Indian bride. But I have also found myself craving for some very simple designs – and I decided to write about that. Surprisingly, simple elegant mehandi designs are not so easy to come across. With arabic mehandi designs being all the rage these days, finding a mehandi design that one could call ‘simple’ was harder than I thought. I have curated designs that are clutter-free and can be applied quickly. These designs are NOT something that you can necessarily do by yourself – well, the talented ones amongst you probably can :) – but not everyone can do these at home. The purpose of this collection is to showcase designs that are simple in their look, and not simple to apply (thats for another day and another post!).

simple mehndi designs for hands

Here is Zuri’s collection of the absolute best simple mehandi designs in one place. Choose the one that you love the most, and try it out! Don’t forget to comment below on which one you like the most. Hope you like this collection.

simple mehndi designs for hands

Note that these designs are not created by me, but simply curated by me. Where the original artist’s watermark was present, it has not been tampered with. For other designs, the sources will be added soon.

The ultimate collection of simple mehandi designs:

15 carefully curated modern arabic mehndi designs for brides in 2013

Wedding season is approaching, and every bride wants to look unique and special. Every dulhan wants the most modern and latest look. There are many options available, but while getting ready for karva chauth, I must confess that I fell in love with arabic mehndi designs. What are arabic mehndi designs? Well, in an arabic mehndi pattern, the design is characterised by distinctive floral artwork depicted in a free-flowing structure. The floral shapes recur in a unique geometric pattern that covers a large part of the hand or foot. In short, it looks stunning on a bride.

arabic mehndi designs for hands
My recommendation is to give the traditional arabic pattern a modern twist.

So, what is a modern arabic mehndi design?

Modern interpretation of traditional arabic mehndi design involves combining traditional fine middle-eastern artwork with a contemporary/modern tapestry design. These modern designs are all about making a statement and adding to the ornamental effect – to ultimately enhance the jewellery of the bride or acting as an accessory to a bridal lehenga. Please note that I am by no means an expert on mehndi designs, but while doing research for this article, I tried to go deep into understanding what makes a great modern arabic mehndi design.

The image below is my attempt to showcase this fusion. So a modern arabic pattern can be understood by imagining a fusion of a modern tapestry with a traditional arabic textile or architectural pattern. Thinking about it this way helped me get the right inspiration for picking the 15 most modern arabic mehndi designs for 2013.

arabic mehndi design for hands inspiration

These designs are created by some amazing mehndi artists, such as Suhanaji and Shezina- two of my all time favorite mehndi artists. Both of them have also featured previously on this blog.

Enjoy these modern and awe-inspiring arabic mehndi designs with a slightly modern touch!

arabic mehndi designs for handsarabic mehndi designs for handsarabic mehndi designs for handsarabic mehndi designs for handsarabic mehndi designs for handsarabic mehndi designs for handsarabic mehndi designs for handsarabic mehndi designs for handsarabic mehndi designs for handsarabic mehndi designs for handsarabic mehndi designs for handsarabic mehndi designs for hands

arabic mehndi designs for handsarabic mehndi designs for hands





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