Indian brides are considered one of the most beautiful brides in the world. The colour red, maroon and pink are the notable colours of the Indian bride colour palette. Every single prospective bride has so many speculations in her mind about which Indian bridal makeup look she should carry? This article presents you with rainbow of different shades of Indian bridal makeup.

There are different choices available for the Indian to-be brides. She can plan to take either a traditional Indian bride look or a contemporary Indian bride look. Although, there is no specific rule to follow while selecting the bride look; most of the brides prefer taking a traditional bridal look. This further helps in keeping the options open for the other Indian makeup looks as well; that are used for other occasions.

A typical Indian bride is adorned using with an Indian bridal dress which is (preferably) red or maroon in colour, having heavy embellishments and a best suited bridal hair style. She carries makeup, considering: individual skin tone, colour of the bridal Lehenga and time of the ceremony.

These days, professional Indian bridal makeup artists provide bridal makeup services on demand. These professionals can be invited to home or brides can go their studios to get the makeup done. They bring along a wide range of cosmetics with them; in order to match the brides’ taste and preferences with her skin tone, hair colour. However, some Indian bridal makeup tips can prove beneficial. Brides should:

1. Finalize on the colours based on the skin tone. They should refrain themselves running behind the latest bridal trends. Feel free to consult with beautician before finalizing the wedding dress.

2. Pay visit to beauty parlour for starting sessions as soon as the relationship is confirmed. This will aid in achieving a healthy skin, well in time. Healthy skin is the base of noteworthy makeup.

3. Take a makeup trial session, if possible, before finalizing the bridal makeup package. Ensure that the parlour or the bridal makeup artist use good quality products. If possible, go to a known parlour or take someone along with you who is, known and experienced.

4. Inform the bridal makeup artist well in advance, about any allergies or any skin related problems, so that she can guide you with the needful. Taking such an approach will also help her in arranging the products that will suit your taste and skin type as well.

5. Discuss about the Indian bridal makeup look that she wishes to carry and should leave the rest on professionals for making her look – the best. Ask for photographs of old clients for testing the level of expertise.

Indian brides need to take utmost care while finalizing on the bridal makeup look; as she is the focus of attraction on the marriage day. Unlike older times, Indian brides do not get ready at home by the elder ladies or someone experienced on the Indian bridal makeup looks; rather she prefers booking beauty parlours, where, dedicated beauticians provide the desired Indian bride look. Starting from searching through Indian makeup artist directory on internet is a smart approal

Simple is beautiful – Try this Indian bridal makeup that is easy to do and can be achieved in 15-20 minutes

With the wedding season in full swing, all of us are getting geared up to look our best with the trendiest clothes and stunning mehandi designs on the hands. This is a step-by-step tutorial on how to do a basic Indian bridal makeup.

Indian bridal makeup 21


Step 1: Begin with the eye makeup first – apply an eye shadow base all over the eye lid to help make the eye shadow last all through the night.


Step 2: With a flat eye shadow brush, apply a gold eye shadow (MAC Amber lights) all over the lid evenly.

Step 3: Blend the gold shadow with the help of a blending brush (MAC #217) making wiper motions back and forth until there are no lines visible.

Step 4: With the same blending brush choose a dark green shade (MAC Humid) eye shadow to add some depth in the outer corner and the crease. Blend away.

Step 5: Wipe off the color as much as you can from the blending brush on a tissue and apply a highlight shade (B&D silver pigment) on the brow bone.

Step 6: Use a kajal pencil (MAC Engraved) and apply all through the waterline by taking short strokes back and forth to get a good amount of color payoff.

Step 7: Using a fine tip brush, take some gel eyeliner (Loreal 24 hour gel liner) and apply a very thin line on the upper lash line in case of small eyes. Women with more lid space can apply a thick liner and even wing it out if required. Apply mascara on the upper and lower lashes.

Step 8: Next, moving on to the face. Take a pea sized quantity of face primer (MAC Prep+Prime) and massage all over the face. Massage only for a minute as doing it longer will result in formation of flakes over the skin.

Step 9: Then apply concealer on areas that have some darkness like under eye circles, corners of the nose, area around the mouth etc. Make sure that the concealer blends into the skin so that it does not look unnatural. Use the ring finger (it’s the finger that gives the least amount of pressure) or a blending brush.

Step 10: Next step would be to apply foundation. When purchasing foundation, always test it on the jawline and not on the hand or other parts of the face. Apply the foundation (MAC Studio fix fluid NC 37) with the help of a flat foundation brush (MAC 190) for a heavy coverage or a stippling brush for a natural finish.

Step 11: Set the foundation with a loose powder or pressed powder or foundation powder (MAC Studio fix powder+foundation NC40) using a fluffy blush brush (MAC #219) or a makeup sponge for slightly more coverage.

Step 12: Going back to the eyes, apply a matte brown shade (MAC Embark) on the lower lash line with the help of a pencil brush (MAC #219) to create a shadow under the eyes. Remember, any dark shade will push back a feature and anything that’s light and shiny will bring the feature forward, i.e. highlight.

Step 13: With the same pencil brush, apply the same gold eye shadow (MAC Amber lights) in the inner corner of both the eyes to help them look more ‘awake’. There will be a visible difference in the photographs being clicked!

Step 14: Move on to contouring the cheekbones. Suck in the cheekbones and apply a matte brown shade (2 shades darker than the original skin tone) with the help of an angled contour brush (Vega). In case a well defined nose is desired, apply the same powder on the edges of the nose to create an illusion of sharpness.

Step 15: Time to make some rosy cheeks! Apply a pink shade of blush (B&D pink) on theapples of the cheeks with the help of a fluffy dome shaped brush (MAC #219) and blend upwards until the temples of the forehead.

Step 16: To give a lift to the cheekbones, apply a silverish-gold shade (B&D pigment) on the highest plane of the face as a highlighter using a tapered blending brush (Sigma E45). This can also be applied on the T-zone, i.e. the forehead, bridge of the nose, cupid’s bow and the chin.

Step 17: To add more sheen on the cheeks since it is a bridal function, sweep some gold highlighter (B&D gold highlighter) on the cheeks over the blush. This step is optional.

Step 18: Moving onto the lips, apply a lip pencil (MAC Half-red) all over the lips so that this acts as a base for the lipstick and will help in making the lipstick last much longer.

Step 19: With the help of a lip brush, apply the lipstick (MAC Speak Louder) all over the lips evenly. The lip brush is used so as to get utmost precision on the corners and edges without making a mistake.

The finished look!

Indian bridal makeup 21

In case if you would like to see the video tutorial of this loIndian bridal makeup tips


bridal tips for Indian brides

For a bride-to-be, there are so many things to be done until the last minute that you don’t get a chance to think too deeply about things. This post is a guide to help you understand the small things you need to do to look fabulous on your wedding day!


Zuri's Bridal beauty tips

  • Even out your skin with a yellow-based foundation as the flash of the camera will emphasize on pink tones.
  • To help your concealer & foundation last long, set them with loose powder to mattify.
  • Make sure to dust some bronzing powder on your neck in case if your dress has an open neckline.


Zuri's Bridal beauty tips

  • Nude & pale lip colors look dull & washed out in photographs. So go in forbrighter shades – plum, red & pink.
  • Line & fill-in lips with a lip liner first to make lipstick & lip gloss stay on longer.


Zuri's Bridal beauty tips

  • Choose water resistant/water proof eyeliner, mascara & kajal to avoid smudging.
  • After doing your eye makeup, touch up a bit of highlighter on the browbone to give a ‘lifted’ look to the eyes.


Zuri's Bridal beauty tips

  • Use two shades of blush – a natural shade & a brighter shade applied just on the apples of the cheeks for a natural pretty flush that lasts

Wedding Essentials to keep in your vanity box

There’s so much fun in doing your own wedding shopping! You can buy absolutely anything that you want without anyone stopping you :) and just how exciting is shopping for makeup? But don’t get too carried away – buy products that you feel YOU WILL USE as cosmetics have an expiry date. They don’t last too long & if you take too many things, you might land up using just a few (your favorites) & ignore the others – there by throwing them in the trash. This post should help you choose what cosmetics need to go in your vanity box:-

1. Primer & foundation: If you are the kind who wears makeup often, I would suggest that you purchase a primer as this will act like a barrier between your skin & foundation & will also make the makeup stay on longer. In case if you use foundations occasionally, you can skip the primer. Now, make sure you only choose one foundation – for your skin type after many trials & errors. Foundations expire in 12 months, so there’s no point in buying more than one. Also the amount of foundation that you’d be using one time will make it last a year round.
makeup for vanity kit/boxmakeup for vanity kit/box

2. Powder: the most common skin type in India is ‘combination’ meaning the T-zone is oily. For such skin types, you will have to dab a loose/pressed/translucent powder over the foundation so that the skin does not look too oily after a couple of hours. In case if you have dry skin, you can skip this entirely. Also if you have already chosen a formula of a powder+foundation, you will not require another powder over this (duh, obviously).

makeup for vanity kit/box

3. Blush: If you love shades of pink & you feel you look best in them, pick 2 shades of pink. If you like experimenting, pick one pink & one peach/coral shade of blush. And stop right there! Blushes last the longest as you need to use ‘oh so little’!

makeup for vanity kit/box

4. Eye shadow: The toughest product to choose! I would suggest that you pick up 1 eye shadow palette which has a lot of colors for you to play around & experiment. In India we don’t have many options (and if we do, they create a hole in our pockets), but if you happen to travel abroad, you could pick them from there. Try they have an amazing variety of palettes at very affordable prices. Make sure that you choose a palette that has basic everyday colors like bronze, gold, brown, a nude shimmery color for highlighting under the brow bone (which can also be used to highlight the cheekbones & T-zone) & colors for smoky eyes like black, gray, green, blue, silver etc.

makeup for vanity kit/box

5. Eye liner: Pick a formula that you feel you can work with on an everyday basis. Choose between liquid, gel, pen tip liner or pencil. A liquid liner would come with a pointy tip brush which can be used easily. A gel liner would require a separate brush & this can be perfected with practice. For someone who is just starting off, a pen liner would be the best to use. A pencil liner is quick & easy again & the good thing is that you can use the pencil in the waterline too as kajal. Also in pencils you have tons of color options!

makeup for vanity kit/box

6. Kajal pencil: A black kajal pencil is a must-have product in your kit. Even on days when you don’t feel like or don’t want to wear any makeup, just wearing kajal will make a huge difference! You can choose shades like blue & green that you can wear on different outfits & for different occasions.

makeup for vanity kit/box

7. Eye lash curler & Mascara: Just before purchasing a curler make sure you get the hang of it. Once you have mastered the art, you’ll love the difference this small equipment makes! You’ll also love how amazing your lashes look after using mascara. Buy one mascara – as this is one product you need to get rid of every 3 months – it doesn’t matter if you’ve used it much or not! The day you open the mascara, it becomes a playground for bacteria. So in case if you have a mascara in your draw right now that’s a year old, please pop it into the bin!

makeup for vanity kit/boxmakeup for vanity kit/box

8. Lipstick, lip pencil & lip glosses: Ok! Lipstick is something that no one can stop with just one (this sounds like the ‘Lays’ ad)! More is definitely less in this case. So I suggest that you pick 4 shades in the beginning – red, pink, purplish pink & coral or peach. Now here’s what’s going to happen -each time you step out shopping, you are going to splurge on lipsticks more than any other makeup product. So initially if you just stop at 2 or 3, you won’t feel guilty when you come back home after your happy purchase & realize that you own way too many lipsticks all of a sudden! As for the lip liner, choose a color that’s universal – one for all so that you don’t take hours trying to find a lip pencil in your stash. In case if you choose to buy a red lipstick, make sure to buy a red lip pencil to match the lipstick. Moving on to lip glosses, I personally feel that one regular, clear lip gloss will work anytime & anywhere! You can wear it by itself or on a lipstick too.  If you wear glosses more than lipsticks, you for sure can own 3 to 4 glosses for variety :)

makeup for vanity kit/boxmakeup for vanity kit/boxmakeup for vanity kit/box

9. A set of makeup brushes: Using your fingers to apply makeup is a strict no-no as there’s a possibility of transferring all the germs & bacteria from your nails & fingers onto your face. Invest in the basic brushes – foundation brushblush brushflat eye shadow brushfluffy eye shadow blending brush & a pencil brush that you might require if you do a lot of smoky eyes. You can add on a lip brush if you feel the application of lipstick is tough from the lipstick container. has amazing sets of brushes that are pretty reasonable & last for a very long time! They can be purchased online and shipped to India.

makeup for vanity kit/box

10. Makeup remover: Am sure you dint think about this! Well, if you are going to use so much makeup, you surely need to take it off before going to bed. Olive oil, Johnson Baby oil, makeup wipes, makeup removers can all be used to remove every speck of makeup! Just make sure to have any of these handy.

40 Cute nail art designs

The cutest nail art designs that would bring a smile to your face

Nail art designs have recently gained a lot of popularity. Just a few years ago, a trip to the salon to get a manicure was relatively simple. A customer would walk in, pick out a color and get a quick coat of polish, maybe a pink or a mauve and walk out. If she felt adventurous, she might wear a red. Today, just picking the kind of polish is a process. And, the finish? That’s a totally different story altogether. The art can be done by a trained professional or by the person herself.

Cute nail art designs 10

You might think that in nail art, painting your nails with a bottle of some fancy color of nail polish is as far as nail art can go. However, creative geniuses have taken this form of art to the next level. Today, nail art designs have become a skill that is not easily found and has emerged as a new field of art itself. Nails being tiny require patience, time, precision and skill to be painted especially if small delicate patterns and symbols are involved.

Cute nail art designs 12In the past three years, nail art has exploded into the mainstream, driven by YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest by sharing of looks and techniques. In the 1980s, when brightly colored outfits and wild patterns ruled the runways, women asked technicians to airbrush patterns directly onto nails and, sometimes, to pierce them with tiny charms.

Cute nail art designs 38

Below are the cutest nail art designs that will surely bring out the child in you. Enjoy and don’t forget to comment below and let me know which on was your favorite!



20 Bridal hairstyles

20 Timeless bridal bun hairstyles that look good on any bride

The bun is one bridal hairstyle which is reinvented every year and never seems to go out of fashion. If you’re accustomed to having your hair off your face, buns are just for you! They look beautiful with a flower nestled to the side or a tiara placed on top, while amessy bun is a little softer and looks great with waves falling beside the face with a messed out look.

Bridal hairstyles buns 19

Brides aiming for a romantic look, defined and styled wavy locks look elegant and are a perfect choice. Don’t forget to adorn them with small flowers. In case if you are looking to achieve volume by keeping it glamorous, simply backcomb the hair and add some hairspray for it to last long. A good variation would be to try a pretty side bun without a lot of effort.

Bridal hairstyles buns 09

Medium height buns is a great option if the bride and the groom are of the same height! They go well with majority of styles and necklines and are elegant and timeless. In case if you are looking for something more funky, finger waves are your best bet, just make sure it goes well with your outfit. Or go for the classic ballerina bun, which could be slightly “ruffled” to give it a more relaxed feel. For women with short hair, a hair piece or hair extension allows you to have a bun hair style. Choose your perfect bridal hairstyle from any of the below options –


Untitled Document

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